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Kolping House makes headlines


New Eco-Suite Hotel in Salzburg

Welcome to our blog series “News from the Construction Site”. Here you will get all the information on the construction of the unique “Green Hotel” in Salzburg-Itzling. Until the start of the construction this summer and throughout the building period we want to regularly keep you posted.

After the planing phase that took several months and a lot thinking processes with architects and construction engineers it is now certain: we will start this summer and cut the first sod for the Eco-Suite Hotel in Itzling!

What are we going to build?

Kolping House in Salzburg-Itzling opened in 1998, as a hostel for an affordable stay in Salzburg, as a “temporary home” for teenagers and students and as an event centre for various occasions. We have always focused on social aspects: out guests’ wellbeing, the comfort and cosiness, spending time together as well as good value for money.

In 2016 we want to go one step further: until then our “Haus der Zukunft Plus” (“House of the Future Plus”) is supposed to be ready for hosting people! A visionary as well as innovative construction project true to the motto “The Future is Green”. It is an extension to the existing Kolping House with additional 45 rooms.

Innovative Öko-Hotel for Salzburg

It’s especially the unique ecological character of the planned Eco-Suite Hotel that is more than outstanding and has made several headlines.

With the Eco-Suite Hotel we want to keep the power demands for electricity and heat as low as possible as well as mainly using regionally available energy sources. The new hotel is also planned to be integrated into the local energy system. Our dearest wish is to develop this major project to an energy producing building in the future, which should also be able to reduce the greenhouse emissions to a level of zero in the long run.

What makes this construction site so special?

One of the planned specialties of the Eco-Suite Hotel is the boiler system. The heating system will be powered by sewage – this is just ONE of the many “world firsts” that our appreciated construction engineer Dietmar Stampfer came up with when it came to innovative energy solutions. We of course also use solar energy with a photovoltaic installation on the Eco-Suite Hotel’s roof.

Cause for rejoicing: The unique construction project was funded and awarded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology for its “Haus der Zukunft Plus” (HdZ+) idea.

On the Kolping House website you can already today read what to expect from the Eco-Suite Hotel from 2016 onwards.

You already think that this is going to be a hotel to your liking? There is an option to book your room at Salzburg’s first Eco-Suite Hotel in advance today!