Eco-Suite Hotel: The eco hotel in Salzburg

At the Eco-Suite Hotel, sustainability and environment conscience are top priorities. For visitors to Salzburg, who value environment protection and sustainable consumption, the hotel at the Salzach  is a model example. It scores with its plus-energy character and boasts a fantastic eco balance thanks to its innovative energy supply concept.

Energy-autonomous hotel in Salzburg

When planning the Eco-Suite Hotels, we gave top priority to a positive energy balance. In order to achieve the plus-energy character for the Salzburg hotel, a sophisticated concept was implemented for the new construction in Adolf Kolping Street:

The thermal energy is gained from the hotel’s wastewater. Surplus energy is not lost, but supplies the adjacent Kolpinghaus with energy. A wastewater container holding 22,000 litres serves as energy buffer tank. We pay particular attention to minimizing the energy requirements in the day-to-day hotel operation. The hotel was conceived as a passive house and, in addition to that, we implemented an innovative energy concept: at the Eco-Suite Hotel, all the illuminants are on LED basis and the electricity needed comes from an own photovoltaic plant installed on the roof of the hotel. It is large enough to cover the entire electricity demand for operating the hotel.

The team of the Eco-Suite Hotel believes that, apart from the major concept of being energy autonomous, also minor things matter: We offer our hotel guests cosmetic items with an eco-label. It goes without saying that we do without small packaging that would unnecessarily pollute the environment. In the end, we plan to supply also neighbouring houses with ecologically produced heat.

Eco-Suite – an award-winning hotel

The entire planning and the concept of the Eco-Suite Hotel aim at energy-autonomous operation. 

This is in line with the philosophy of the hotel operator Kolpinghaus, which has held the “climate-alliance enterprise” award since 2006. The wish to establish an affordable eco hotel in Salzburg was realized with great passion and expertise at the Salzach riverside. These efforts were honoured by an international jury with the award “House of Future” - demonstration building. Thus, it was possible to promote the new construction of the eco hotel in Salzburg with means from the programme “House of Future Plus” granted by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Sustainability & Convenience at the River Salzach

At our hotel in Salzburg we consider it very important that sustainability & convenience form a symbiosis. What counts beside an excellent energy balance is, above all, convenience for our guests. The spacious rooms (26m² on average) are bright and equipped with all modern comfort.  A kitchenette and a separate workplace generate the well-being of staying in a modern hotel suite. – This is, by the way, what gave our hotel its name: Eco-Suite Hotel Salzburg. We combine sustainability & comfort at affordable room rates! 

Enjoy the unique price-performance ratio of the Eco-Suite Hotel in Salzburg – do not miss to book today!