Eco-Suite Hotel philosophy: New hotel concept in Salzburg

How can we describe the philosophy of a hotel in a world-renowned tourist region? For defining the philosophy of the Eco-Suite Hotel, the Kolpinghaus operator was inspired by three guiding themes:

Sustainability, spacious rooms & affordable prices

Salzburg is known worldwide as Mozart’s birthplace and world cultural heritage. It stands for tradition, high culture and a certain exclusiveness. When planning the Eco-Suite Hotel, the central idea of the Kolpinghaus operator was to establish a sustainable hotel with spacious rooms (for families and longstay guests) at affordable rates. We believe Salzburg is so incredibly beautiful that everybody should have the chance to experience it. Our hotel welcomes guests who are price- and quality conscious. Special conditions that apply for families with children are proof of our philosophy: When spending a holiday at Kolpinghaus, children up to the age of 11 will do so completely for free!

We are convinced: Comfortable accommodation must not cost a fortune – not even in Salzburg.

The Kolping idea

The Kolping family Salzburg is the operator of the Eco-Suite Hotel Salzburg. From the very beginning, young people, family and education have been the central values of the worldwide Kolping Society, which thus carries on the tradition of Adolph Kolping, father of the journeymen. Today, just as in the past, the goal of the Kolpinghaus is to provide adolescents and young adults with a home away from their original home, to take care of them and to promote their personal development. The newly built Eco-Suite Hotel is to adopt the original idea of being a hotel for everybody. When staying as a guest at the Eco-Suite Hotel, you will contribute to the economic support of the youth residence Kolpinghaus Salzburg. This will enable us also in the future to offer attractive prices for young people undergoing training and their parents and to provide support where needed.

Adolph Kolping, the father of the journeymen

As son of a shepherd in Kerpen, near Cologne, Adolph Kolping (1813-1865) grew up in modest conditions. He trained to become a shoemaker and during his apprenticeship, he became aware that most of his colleagues often lived under inhumane circumstances. Kolping decided to attend  high school and to become a priest. At the age of 31, he was ordained a priest at the Minorite Church of Cologne. During his time as a young chaplain, he was called to Wuppertal, where he became acquainted with the Journeymen’s Association of Johann Gregor Breuer.  Having become deputy head of the association, Kolping set himself the goal to carry the model of providing reasonably priced living space for young people from Cologne into the world. In 1849, the Cologne Journeymen Association was founded and soon similar associations emerged. 

When Kolping died, more than 400 associations had been established in Germany and beyond its borders.  In these communities, young journeymen away from home found social support, conviviality and religious stability. 

Kolping was not only a renowned pedagogue, but also a proliferous publicist. His best known publications were, among others, the Catholic „Volkskalender“ with an annual circulation of 14,000 copies starting in 1849 and the „Rheinische Volksblätter“ that reached about 30,000 readers per week.

The Kolpinghaus Salzburg

The history of the Kolpinghaus Salzburg dates back far into the past. The first journeymen’s house was founded at the Salzburg Bruderhof. In 1892, the new construction of the house started in Franz-Josef Strasse, where in the course of time several thousand young artisans found a new home. After World War II, the former journeymen’s house changed its name to Kolpinghaus. Finally, in 1997 the foundation stone for the new Kolpinghaus in Salzburg-Itzling was laid and it was opened in 1998. 2016 was the year in which the 3-star Eco Suite Hotel marked a further step in the development of the Kolping family Salzburg – Central. 

With the Eco-Suite Hotel Salzburg, we perfect the Kolping idea at the Salzburg location with spacious rooms, modern standard and favorable room rates.

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