#together - Carefree Salzburg vacation in Corona times

Our measures against COVID-19

The safety of our guests is our top priority, so we adhere to the following rules.

In addition to the usual registration, guests must show a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation of a COVID-19 illness upon arrival.

Guests can enter if they have been vaccinated, tested or recovered.

From 19.5. all previous evidence is valid, from the beginning of June also as a certificate / QR code in the digital Green Pass:

Valid tests are:
  • Negative PCR test (validity: 3 days)
  • Negative antigen test from test street, pharmacy, etc. (validity: 2 days)
  • NEW: Antigen tests for personal use (digital), recorded in an official data processing system (validity: 1 day) = "Vorarlberg model"
  • NEW: On-site self-tests will also allow access. However, this test only applies to this one visit and only to the company premises.
  • NEW: For children, the school test will also be considered an entry test.
  • No test obligation for take away or suppliers.
Vaccination can be proven by means of a vaccination certificate, vaccination card or printout

Recovery: separation notice, antibody test, etc.
Keeping distance is appreciation

Keeping distance is appreciation

Healthy coexistence in times like these.
Please keep at least 2 meter away from people who do not belong to your family or do not live with you in the same household.
(For the moment) no shaking hands

(For the moment) no shaking hands

Shaking hands is a sign of appreciation and respect. Nevertheless, in times like these we do without it and use alternative forms of greeting.
Maximum hygiene

Maximum hygiene

Even in normal times, we value the highest level of hygiene. In the current situation, our cleaning team implements even higher hygiene standards. Disinfectant dispensers are available in the lobby.

With your care you protect yourself as well as the other guests and our employees.