Catering in the Eco-Suite Hotel

Breakfast and snacks

Whether you are in Salzburg for a sightseeing tour or a trade fair: Start your day with a fortifying breakfast at the Eco-Suite Hotel, which will be included in the price from 1st January 2017. During the day we can recommend the wide variety of restaurants and cosy cafés in the city of Salzburg. You can also buy food at a snack and drinks machine in the hotel.

Breakfast buffet in the hotel

A breakfast buffet is on offer for the guests of the Eco-Suite Hotel every morning. The light-flooded and attractively designed breakfast room is situated on the building's ground floor. Make sure you're fortified for your seminar day or a new day full of experiences in Salzburg.

Snacks and drinks

Start with a healty breakfast into you day!

All of the rooms in the Eco-Suite Hotel come with a kitchenette, a small worktop and a microwave. All of the rooms come with a small refrigerator and a kettle as standard. You are welcome to use the hotel's snacks and drinks machine should you feel hungry between meals.

Eating out

A number of different catering options are available in the vicinity of the Eco-Suite Hotel for your meals during the day. Attractive open-air restaurants, snack bars and supermarkets, as well as shops selling everyday items are all available within a fifteen minute walk. This naturally means you are able to sample the many different eateries and bars that Salzburg can offer.

Enjoy your stay at the Eco-Suite Hotel with its superb sustainability concept which is underpinned by its innovative plus-energy concept. On this basis, the hotel's waste water is used to generate heat, in addition to the use of a photovoltaic system. This means you are staying in a green environment from every perspective. You can reserve your room in the Eco-Suite Hotel in the city of Salzburg now: Make your non-binding enquiry or make your online booking!

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