A house of the future

The Eco-Suite Hotel in Salzburg

The Eco-Suite Hotel by the Salzach river in the north of Salzburg is not only a superb base for the price-conscious guest in Salzburg, it is also remarkable in ecological terms. This means that the hotel also benefits from its plus-energy character. Its ingenious design and innovative energy supply concept make the city hotel into a unique ecological showcase project.

A house which generates its own energy

The Eco-Suite Hotel is planned so that its operations generate a positive energy balance. A sophisticated concept is to be found behind this plus energy quality. The hotel creates its thermal energy from the waste water that it generates. The excess heat is used to heat the existing Kolpinghaus. A waste water tank with a capacity of 22,000 litres serves as an energy buffer storage device. Over the long term, neighbouring buildings are also set to be supplied with heat that has been generated on an ecological basis.

The consistent minimising of the energy requirement also forms part of the generation of the surplus heat. On this basis, the building has been designed as a passive house. The innovative energy concept also includes the provision and use of the electricity: LED lighting is used throughout the Eco-Suite Hotel and electricity is generated by the hotel's own photovoltaic system, situated on the roof.

Good for our climate

Hotel room in Salzburg
Hotel room in Salzburg

The innovative and globally pioneering energy solution was planned and developed by Dietmar Stampfer. In this way, it is possible for the consumption of natural gas and the associated greenhouse gas emissions to be significantly reduced which also benefits the climate. Since the year 2006, the Kolpinghaus has been proud to be able to call itself a "climate alliance company".

An international jury chose to award this innovative project as a pioneering "house of the future" demonstration building. For this reason, the project was also supported with funding from the "Haus der Zukunft Plus" (Future Plus House) programme offered by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

The ideal location for exploring Salzburg

The optimum location of the Eco-Suite Hotel is also superb for a relaxing holiday in the city of Salzburg. The Salzach river runs right behind the complex, along which you can also join the best developed network of cycle paths in Salzburg. This way, it takes less than 10 minutes to the city centre. We also offer bikes - including E-bikes - for hire in our hotel. Additionally, the next stop for the electrically operated O-bus is just a five minutes' walk away. Those arriving by car will be pleased to make use of the free car park in front of the hotel.

Decide on a sustainable holiday right now, and get to know the Eco-Suite Hotel in Salzburg personally soon! We will be pleased to respond to your non-binding enquiry or accept your online booking.