The philosophy behind the Eco-Suite Hotel

Responsibility for people and the environment

The Eco-Suite Hotel is an addition to the existing Kolpinghaus and hostel in Salzburg Itzling. In this way, it not only adds to the city of Salzburg with an innovative hotel that has a superb price-performance offering, it also offers visitors to the Kolpinghaus an attractive place to stay. Additionally, the Eco-Suite Hotel Salzburg makes its own social and ecological contribution.

The social background

Young people, family and education have always been the key values of the worldwide Kolping Society, which continues the tradition started by its founding father Adolph Kolping. Today as yesterday, the purpose of the Kolpinghaus is to offer youngsters and young adults a home from home, to provide them with guidance, and to support their personal development. The newly built Eco-Suite Hotel links in with these principles, and is therefore a hotel for everyone, regardless of their situation. As a guest at the Eco-Suite Hotel you make a financial contribution to supporting the home for young people. In this way we will be able to ensure that our prices can stay affordable to young people who are learning a trade as well as their parents, and to enable the provision of support where it is needed.

The ecological background House of the future

Modern hotel room in Salzburg
Modern rooms in Salzburg

The ecologically remarkable hotel has been planned in plus-energy quality. A building of this kind stands out because it generates more energy on site that it consumes. The waste water is used to generate a surplus of heat which is used for both heating purposes and to heat the water in the neighbouring Kolping hostel and home for young people. The use of natural gas and the associated greenhouse gas emissions are therefore reduced accordingly, making an attractive contribution to protecting our climate.

Over the long term, the neighbouring buildings, which can also be supplied with heat that has been generated on an ecological basis, will also benefit from the plus-energy concept. As a passive house, the Eco-Suite Hotel consistently reduces the need for energy. The intelligent energy concept also includes the provision and consumption of electricity: efficient LED lighting is used and electricity is generated by the hotel's own photovoltaic system, situated on the building's roof.

The innovative energy solution was designed by buildings engineer Dietmar Stampfer who has been awarded an Energy Prize for his innovative and sustainable ideas.

As a guest at the Eco-Suite Hotel Salzburg this naturally means that you not only make a social contribution, you also make an ecological contribution. You can make a non-binding enquiry for your hotel room in Salzburg or make a direct booking.