Event highlights, from theatre, to Mozart, to the Festival

Experience the varied range of culture on offer during a break in Salzburg

A small city, but big in terms of culture: Culture plays an important role in Salzburg, and enables the interested visitor to participate in around 4,000 different events per year. From the major events such as the Salzburg Festival, the Easter and Whitsun Festival and the Mozart Week in January to the Autumn of Jazz, the famous Advent Singing and many other events, there is something for every taste.

Salzburg Easter Festival

The Easter Festival (Osterfestspiele), which is independent of the Summer Festival, takes place every year from the Saturday before Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. Shown every year at the event is an opera performance which is traditionally performed once at the beginning and once at the end of the ten-day festival, as well as several concerts with the Staatskapelle Dresden from Saxony, Germany, and the Bayerischer Rundfunk choir.

Salzburg Whitsuntide Festival

The Salzburg Whitsun Festival (Pfingstfestspiele) originally began in 1973 on the initiative of Herbert von Karajan as the "Whitsun concerts". Today, the Whitsun weekend features guest concerts by international orchestras as well as an opera production.

Mozart Week

Every year around the time of Mozart's birthday in January, the International Mozarteum Foundation (Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum) holds the Mozart Week (Mozartwoche), with opera performances, chamber music and concerts performed by orchestras and soloists. For fans of Mozart and classical music, the Salzburg Mozart Week is one of the concert highlights of the year.

Jazz & The City

A week which is filled to the brim with 100 concerts at 50 venues in Salzburg old town provides special sound experiences at the Jazz, World & Electronic Music Festival. And the best thing: entrance to all of the concerts is free!

Theatre in Salzburg

As a multi-faceted venue, the Salzburg Landestheater, which is situated south of the Mirabell Gardens, offers operatic performances, drama and ballet, as well as an integrated theatre for children and young people. The classical repertoire such as baroque opera and Mozart is as much part of the events on offer as contemporary and non-European operas are. The theatre, which has staged events since the 18th century, has 1,000 seats and is also used in the summer by the Salzburg Festival for theatrical performances and occasionally for operas.

Salzburg is also home to additional cultural and theatre venues, such as the Schauspielhaus, the ARGEkultur, the Oval in the Europark, the kleine Theater, the Toihaus Theater and the Republic. And the interesting museums and exhibitions are more than just places to go when the weather isn't great.