Kolping Family – Salzburg Zentral

Our association

Our association and its members are the legal representatives of Kolping House Salzburg. The association follows in the tradition of its founder, the Catholic priest and “journeymen’s father” Adolph Kolping (1813-1865). We are part of and “Kolping Österreich”. Our values are based on the ideas and writings of Adolph Kolping  and Catholic social teaching.

The central themes of our association

  • Youth
  • Family
  • Education

The steering committee of our association

  • Chair: KommR. Arch. DipI.Ing. Wilfried Haertl
  • President: Mag. Ernst Pöttler
  • Head of the economic board: Dr. Michael Glarcher
  • Head of the Kolping Group: Walter Sagmeister, BA MSc

The members come together at monthly meetings to tend to their “family-like community” with talks, a spiritual programme and relaxed get-togethers.

What distinguishes us

For us, following in the footsteps of Adolph Kolping  means being Christian in mind, heart and thought. The Christian faith, Adolph Kolping and his works make us what we are. We are involved in the church and community in creative, critical and constructive ways and campaign for a decent future.

Young people and adults who feel at home in the community and pursue the same tasks work together within the Kolping association. We are committed to the interests of families and young people and take responsibility for ourselves and for others.

The Kolping House team

About 45 people work in various areas at Kolping House. Together, we ensure that our residents as well as our many clients and guests feel at home, enjoy living here or choose to hold meetings and celebrations with us.

We see ourselves as part of the tradition of warm hospitality and providing accommodation for young people and guests, a tradition established by our “housefather” Adolph Kolping.

The history of Kolping House Salzburg

The first journeymen’s house in Salzburg was built in Salzburg’s Bruderhof. Work began on the house in Franz-Josef-Straße in 1892 and countless young craftsmen found a new home there over the years. After the Second World War, the erstwhile journeymen’s home because Kolping House. In 1998, the new Kolping House, which also offers hostel rooms, opened in Salzburg-Itzling.

Then as now, the purpose of Kolping House is to provide young people and young adults with a home away from home, to take care of them and to assist in their personal development.